About Gohei


Established in 1965

Founder Yasuo Sone built a restaurant named "Gohei" on Shimada Hondori with two employees in October, 1965.

"Gohei"was the name of the founder's father.
"Go"in Japanese means five. Gohei was the fifth child and his parents chose to give him a name that included the sound "go" so decided to add their wish for 'peace' (Hei) to his name and so they named him "Gohei".

Since relocating to the current location in August 2000, we have been offering dishes we hope are more gratifying than ever before.
For all of our customers, and in particular those who come from far away, we strive to serve the best local, fresh and seasonal ingredients of Shizuoka.
We commit ourselves to showcase the delicate flavors of the four seasons of Japan through our locally harvested ingredients.


Chef Akira Sone